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Started in 1977, Valcom engineers, manufactures and supports almost all of its products from its state-of-the-art facility in Roanoke, VA in the U.S.A. With extensive experience with IP and Analog Voice Paging systems, IP Centric Multimodal Systems and Telecommunication Enhancements, they can help to implement solutions for any size of organization. Valcom was an Earlier Developer of Digital Voice Products Including the ISDN Software for The Motorola Development Systems and ISDN Modems and in the 1990's, Valcom Introduced TCP/IP Voice Products that formed a foundation for our High Reliability Network (99.999) Voice Platform. These High Reliability Voice Networks are used in Critical Military and Industrial Applications. Valcom continues to develop the most technologically advanced communication solutions based on our customers needs.

what we do

Telecom Advantage is a telecommunications company that
provides businesses various options for voice and data
sales, service, and installation.


Founded in 2010, Telecom Advantage is a telecommunications
company that has over 60 years or combined experience in the
telecommunications industry. .


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