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PREMIER, an original equipment manufacturer of Carrier-grade commodity products since 1982, has demonstrated value and quality through careful attention to detail. The PREMIER advantage starts with broad and established partnerships with manufacturers worldwide as well as vast product development capabilities to manufacturer product according to specifications. PREMIER holds four current U.S. Patents. PREMIER products are primarily manufactured within the United States and are RUS compliant with short lead times. With over 50 global manufacturer partners, PREMIER holds a unique sourcing position to reduce the cost of goods for commodity-type products and consolidate purchases. The flexibility to source new products to meet individual needs of form, fit, and function can augment everyday product purchases to realize substantial cost-savings.

what we do

Telecom Advantage is a telecommunications company that
provides businesses various options for voice and data
sales, service, and installation.


Founded in 2010, Telecom Advantage is a telecommunications
company that has over 60 years or combined experience in the
telecommunications industry. .


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