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Avaya Intuity Audix Voicemail. The Avaya Intuity Audix Multimedia Messaging System provides flexible, expandable, 24-hour, anywhere, anytime access to all messages with a choice of media and interfaces. Map 5, Map 40, Map 100 Intuity Audix integrate and deliver voice, fax, and e-mail messages via phone or LAN-connected PC. Messaging tools such as voice mail, call answer, and Automated Attendant services handle and route incoming calls and messages. Multimedia capabilities incorporate voice, fax, and e-mail into one mailbox, accessible by touch-tone phone. Many built-in security features to help protect your system by reducing the risk of toll fraud and information theft. A variety of options including Fax Messaging, Message Manager, e-mail integration, and digital networking are offered. Available models include MAP-5P, MAP 40, MAP 40S, MAP-100, and VS and are available in up to 12 port configuration. Also available with Remote Programming Card (AYC-54)- Monitor and Keyboard sold separately.

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