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The Alcatel-Lucent OMNI PCX office telephone system is a hybrid system. It will operate on the current network infrastructure with ISDN or analogue PSTN lines. Alcatel-Lucent traditional business telephony services can communicate fully with the IP and internet world, so migration is smooth and cost effective: you only use IP when and where you need it. Alcatel Omni PCX Office is a single, integrated communication system that satisfies every communications need of small to medium sized organizations, providing advanced telephony - TDM and IP, shared secure high speed Internet access, e-mail, and LAN switching. This is the first true e-communication system that allows SMEs to benefit from voice and data convergence, avoiding complex deployment and integration of disparate voice and data products. Alcatel Omi PCX Office, phone system. This solution consists of a pre-configured server that includes next generation communications which improve enterprise efficiency by providing every staff member with voice, internet, email and data capabilities to better serve customers.

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Telecom Advantage is a telecommunications company that
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Founded in 2010, Telecom Advantage is a telecommunications
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