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The system has a maximum configuration of 1 analog exchange line and up to 4 extensions. The telephone system is packed with a wealth of useful features never been seen before for a small telephone system in this price category: CLIP to all POT extensions, including name if this is in the system short code memory; Built in fax switch for active or passive mode; Call filter - route calls from certain numbers, or divert or reject calls from callers who do withhold their number; Least cost routing for 8 carriers within a 24 hour period; System abbreviated dialing for up to 200 entries - retrieval by short code entry or vanity dial; Telephone lock for each extension; Call barring - table for 20 barred numbers and 40 entries of exceptions; Room monitor/baby listening; Wake up calls; Extension time management; Auto dial; Baby call; Emergency number; Door phone; 10 system timers; Full CTI function via USB connection Unbelievable but true! A small telephone system for so little money with all these features!

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Telecom Advantage is a telecommunications company that
provides businesses various options for voice and data
sales, service, and installation.


Founded in 2010, Telecom Advantage is a telecommunications
company that has over 60 years or combined experience in the
telecommunications industry. .


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